Social Responsibility

We’re working hard to make sure the impact we have on the planet and people around us is purely positive and full of pho.

Whilst there are still areas of improvement, we realise it’s a journey and are excited by each step we take. We look at 4 main elements across HộP, starting with how we treat the people around us; our community involvement; how we sit within the industry; and, of course, the negative global effects that companies like us need to work together to reduce.


Here are some of the ways we’re being socially responsible:





1. Company - It’s important to us that our team are treated fairly. We have a very transparent approach and it’s our policy to be ensure we are a considerate business, providing opportunity within.

  •  Fair pay for all of our team members, paid weekly
  •  Part-time and full-time positions (no zero hours contracts)
  •  Paid break with free food on shift
  •  Training and development including courses for GMs on commerciality and more
  •  Recruiting internally before looking outside the company, nurturing the talent we have
  •  Regular team events and parties
  •  20 days holiday a year + bank holidays + day off on your birthday + 1 extra day for every two years working for HộP
  • Perk scheme & discount at HộP outside of work hours


2. Community - We want to use our position in this exciting industry to influence those around us and help who we can.

  • Since the inception of HOP, we’ve been supporting our Vietnamese charity partner, KOTO. KOTO work hard to get young people off the streets and into the kitchens, teaching them invaluable skills and setting them up for a life in hospitality. We sponsor students through this course. Our first student was Tan Su May who graduated in 2018 and subsequently worked in a French bistro in Hanoi and now works in a 5* hotel in Lai Chau. Our monthly donations now fund Nguyen Ngoc Hoang's teaching. Hoang is excelling in the course and has completed internships at international companies, such as J W Marriott in Hanoi. If you’d like to read more about KOTO’s work, please visit their website
  • In addition to our regular payments, we’ve been donating 20p per every Chicken Satay Noodle Salad sold to KOTO since June 2019
  • We fundraise for London charities around key dates eg. We gave 25p from every HộP Small sold in the week’s run up to Pride in London to help keep the festival and help support London’s LGBT+ community
  • We were involved in Action Against Hunger’s annual campaign Love Food Give Food this autumn. Action Against Hunger are a charity who help malnourished children under 5. They've been around for 40 years and work across 50 countries. They save the lives of children and work with their communities before and after a disaster strikes. We raised a total of £555.40 throughout September & October by donating 10p from every Veg Pho sold to this cause
  • We recruit team members through charity, ELBA, who help to place people in jobs
  • We’re involved in a government programme running apprenticeships for young people looking to get experience within the industry


3. Industry - We strive to be a force to be reckoned with within the industry and to keep up with best practises.

  • We keep all compostable cutlery behind the till so it’s there if customers need it, but by not having it for the taking, the consumption has gone down so we believe it’s because people are only asking for what they actually need
  • We sell reusable coffee SoL cups. HộP SoL cups are made from hand-blown glass which is a sustainable and ethical manufacturing process as well as being 100% plastic free. Buy one of these and your first coffee is on the house
  • Customers are welcome to bring in any reusable cup and we’ll knock 25p off the price of our hot drinks
  • We use compostable paper straws in our cocktails
  • We work with suppliers to provide us with ingredients in reusable boxes 


4. World - This is about taking responsibility for our full impact on global issues.

  • We have minimal food waste, partnering with 3rd parties like Karma to distribute any food that would otherwise be destined for the bin
  • This year, we launched smaller portions (half banh mis/ HộP Smalls) for smaller appetites, helping to avoid food waste
  • We have a partnership with Notes Coffee who source directly from small farms and co-operatives around the world and roast our coffee from our Roastery in Canning Town
  • Our eggs are British and free range
  • We have vegan dishes on the menu and are currently reviewing new plant based meals to launch next year